Edmund L. DuBois, MS
Author, Retired Brigadier General - U.S. Army
Edmund L. DuBois, MS | Retired Brigadier General, United States Army

A story involving witches, religious warfare and massacres in France in 1572. A Bishop has mysterious, evil intentions for a peasant girl under the protection of a young noblewoman.
The author recounts his World War II experiences in the South Pacific, including combat in the Solomon Islands Campaigns. The story is told with wit and poignancy.

A tale based on history about the Indian captivity of women and their children. Told as seen through the eyes of a mother and her two boys. Set in New York State in 1663.

Edmund L. DuBois, MS is a retired brigadier general for the United States Army. In his previous capacity as a committed and dedicated commissioned military officer, Mr. DuBois served dutifully as an official that was in charge of overseeing staff assignments with the Pentagon, and managing commanding duties with the Army and joint military organizations. Mr. DuBois, a skilled military affairs expert, spent more than 30 years in the U.S. Army. Prior to his retirement, in addition to working at the Pentagon—the nation’s military command center which provides critical command and support utilities to the Department of Defense—Mr. DuBois worked with the Joint Chief of Staff.

Mr. DuBois has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience over the course of an illustrious military career. Ever-committed to serving and protecting the country that he loves, and to keeping its citizens informed of its rich history, he has authored the following four books:

  • A Lace Cap and Two Boys
  • In the Name of Church
  • A Lesser Tale of the South Pacific - Reminiscences of World War II
  • A Concise Theory of Combat (co-author)

A former military officer and an author, Mr. DuBois strives for excellence in his every endeavor. As a decorated Army veteran, he does all he can to abundantly serve the land that he loves, America.

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Edmund L. DuBois, MS
Brigadier General (Retired)
U.S. Army
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